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Beauty Tool

This heavyweight facial massage tool is forged from medical-grade 304 Stainless Steel and used to encourage lymphatic drainage, boost circulation, and relax tense muscles, promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.

The ergonomic shape rounds inward on one edge and outward on the other to fit the contours of the face and neck, with blunt, pointed tips for acupressure and precision work around smaller areas. Breakproof and designed to last a lifetime.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese healing practice of Gua Sha, which translates to 'scrape sand,' referring to the elimination of stagnant material from the body.


The BEAUTY TOOL is used for muscle massage and lymphatic drainage. Apply a small amount of facial oil, such as Flora Mirabilis FACE OIL, to add a bit of slip and glide to your skin for both methods.

FOR MUSCLE MASSAGE: Use the edges of the tool at a 45-degree angle to firmly work the muscles in a back and forth motion. This will relax tight muscles and help break down fascial adhesions (sticky spots in your connective tissue), smoothing your skin's surface and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. This will also increase blood flow to the area, nourishing your skin from the inside out to create a healthy-looking glow.

FOR LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Use the edges of the tool at a 15-degree angle to lightly sweep from the center of your face outward, down the sides of your neck, and from the center of your chest outward toward your underarms. Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system and is responsible for removing excess fluids and waste from your body. Unlike your blood, which is pumped by your heart, lymph does not flow on its own; it relies on external movement to drain properly. Gently massaging along the path of your lymph nodes will eliminate fluid retention and contour the appearance of your face and neck.

SCENT:   Earthy, exotic, and gender-neutral– a subtle accord of wood and resin accented by light floral notes. Naturally scented by its active ingredient blend, no ingredient is used for the purpose of providing scent.

TEXTURE:  Rich, velvety oil. Deeply moisturizing, yet feels soft and lightweight on the skin.

QUANTITY: 30ml / 1fl oz

SUPPLY:  Up to three months when used as directed.

SHELF LIFE:  One year from date opened.


The BEAUTY TOOL is forged from medical grade 304 Stainless Steel, a strong, durable alloy resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Grade 304 is commonly used for medical instruments such as syringes and scalpels.

Stainless steel is primarily composed of the minerals iron, carbon, manganese, and chromium. When exposed to oxygen, the chromium forms a thin, transparent layer that has the unique ability to repair itself from scratches and surface damage. This self-healing feature continuously protects the material and makes it easy to clean and sanitize.

Stainless steel is a green material that is environmentally neutral and inert, meaning it does not leach compounds into the environment and is completely and infinitely recyclable.


Packaged in a rigid white box with a black velveteen pouch to protect the tool when not in use.