| flohr-uh | meer-ah-bill-iss |

Latin: The Wondrous Flower

Flora Mirabilis is a manufacturer of artisanal, plant-based skincare products.

The company was established in Los Angeles in 2016 by holistic esthetician Jordan LaFragola and fine artist Christopher Cuseo.

Jordan LaFragola has spent her career as an esthetician fully immersed in health and beauty. Beginning in 2008 in one of Manhattan’s leading spas performing high-tech facials and laser treatments, she has worked with top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and provided thousands of facial treatments to her global clientele in elite Los Angeles spas, culminating in her researching and developing her own holistic, nutrient-rich skincare products.

Drawing from her many years of experience and personal research, and with extensive testing and feedback, Jordan formulated a transformative facial moisturizer composed of skin-healthy ingredients that achieved a cult following among her clientele.

Bolstered by this success, in 2016 she founded Flora Mirabilis with her partner Christopher Cuseo, a UCLA graduate and fine artist, to launch the product– aptly named FACE OIL. With his skillset in art and design, Christopher sculpted the bespoke form for the FACE OIL bottle and designed the Renaissance-inspired logo and graphics to capture the essence of the brand.

Jordan and Christopher live in Los Angeles, where they run Studio Flora Mirabilis; a 100-year old storybook cottage originally owned by Charlie Chaplin. She formulates products, provides facial services and skin care consulting, while he art directs and produces visual content for the company.