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Do This For 5 Minutes Daily To Eliminate Blackheads

This simple and inexpensive at-home treatment will banish clogged pores and prevent them from coming back.

Do This For 5 Minutes Daily To Eliminate Blackheads


A common question I get asked by my clients is how to eliminate and prevent blackheads from forming. In this post, I’ll explain exactly what blackheads are, how they form, and an easy 5-minute daily routine you can do to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.



What are blackheads?

Blackheads are clogged pores. They are formed by a buildup of excess sebum (skin oil) and dead skin cells that accumulate in your pores. These buildups harden and then oxidize and darken on the surface, creating the appearance of black dots on your skin. Blackheads typically form on areas of your face with more sebaceous (oil) glands, like the T-zone, although they can pop up anywhere.



Who gets blackheads?

Everyone will experience blackheads at some point; however, people with oily skin are particularly prone to them. When you have oily skin, your skin produces more oil and has larger pores, which are the ideal conditions for blackheads to form. Blackheads are less common in people with dry skin because they typically have smaller pores and naturally produce less oil.



Why do blackheads form?

Several factors can cause blackheads to form. Mostly, using heavy skincare products and not cleansing your skin properly are the primary causes. However, some studies now link an imbalance of fatty acids, particularly the ratio of Oleic to Linoleic fatty acids, to causing sebum to stick inside your pores.



Should you squeeze blackheads?

The most common way people try to eliminate blackheads is to squeeze them out manually. The problem with this method is that if you are not using the proper technique, you can actually rupture the oil gland and force bacteria into the surrounding tissue. This leaves you with an inflamed, often painful mark that can last for days or even weeks. In addition, you can cause damage to the surface of your skin if you are using your fingernails.

When you go to an esthetician to have them removed, we are trained to know the right amount of pressure, the right angle, and the right tools to get the job done without causing damage or irritation to the skin; this is the only instance where blackheads should be manually removed.



woman's hand with oil droplets in it



Oil cleansing: the secret to eliminating and preventing blackheads.

The secret to getting rid of blackheads on your own is quite simple: cleansing your skin with oil! It may seem counterintuitive, but oil is the best substance to clean out your pores. There is a scientific principle that ‘like cleans like’, and when you apply oil to your skin, it breaks down the oil inside your pores.



Is oil cleansing good for oily skin?

When you use oil to cleanse dry skin, it keeps your skin moisturized and supple. Many people with oily skin fear using oil to cleanse will make their skin more oily. The opposite is true! When you use oil to cleanse oily skin, it helps to balance out your skin’s natural oil production, which leaves it balanced and less oily.



What oils are best to cleanse with?

Oils that are rich in linoleic fatty acid are the best to cleanse with because this type of fatty acid is especially helpful in loosening up blackheads. Some examples of linoleic-rich oils include Safflower, Grape Seed, Hemp Seed, Sesame, and Sunflower. Meadowfoam and Jojoba oils are also excellent choices because they are very similar in composition to skin sebum and can break down clogged pores.



Putting it into practice

The best way to oil cleanse is to set a timer for 5 minutes, apply a moderate amount of your chosen oil to your face, and gently massage, concentrating on any areas where you have blackheads. The reason I suggest 5 minutes (at least!) is that this allows the oil plenty of time to loosen the clogged pores, and the increased blood flow and subtle heat to the area will help liquefy and break down the blackheads.

Oftentimes, when oil cleansing for this long, you can feel them dislodge from your pores and roll across the surface of your skin. After 5 minutes, rinse your skin with warm water, use a clean washcloth to remove the oil, then pat your skin dry.



Improve oil cleansing with our Fountain Of Youth Cleansing Clay.

I’m a huge fan of oil cleansing; I use it in my facials and recommend it to all my clients. The only downside to cleansing with straight oil is that you need a washcloth or an additional cleanser to fully remove it from your skin, especially if you have makeup on. This is why I created our Fountain Of Youth Cleansing Clay. The formula is a blend of three powerful cleansing oils (Safflower, Meadowfoam, and Castor) mixed with Kaolin, a mineral-rich clay.

The result is a thick, cream-like cleanser that gives you all of the benefits of oil cleansing, but when water is added, it emulsifies into a silky lather that rinses clean off your skin with no need for any additional cleansing. It makes oil cleansing at home so simple, plus it contains several other botanical ingredients with potent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying compounds that are incredibly effective at cleansing your skin.





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