An inside look at the people, places, and things that inspire us.

Matthew ‘ET’ Gibbs

Dancer Matthew ‘ET’ Gibbs talks about self-expression through art forms and never giving up on your passion.

Madaline Riley

Sparking creativity through curiosity with dancer, choreographer, and visual artist Madaline Riley.

Shane Won Murphy

The Little Prince restauranteur Shane Won Murphy talks about health, resilience, and the importance of community.

Petecia Le Fawnhawk

We talk with modern surrealist artist Petecia Le Fawnhawk about life, following your intuition, and being a channel for creativity.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil, an ancient cleansing oil extracted from flower buds and revered for its healing and protective properties, is an ingredient in Flora Mirabilis FACE OIL.


Sammi Rotibi

Actor Sammi Rotibi talks about discovering creativity and inspiration through film, music, and life.


The Lady Tigra

Advice from legendary artist The Lady Tigra of L’Trimm on going back to basics, connecting with nature, and choosing happiness everyday.


John Michael Anderson

A conversation with musician John Michael Anderson on self-care, being present, and putting everything into your art.